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Welcome to my website, where passion meets creativity! My name is Rebecca and I'm the proud owner of a small business that specializes in creating quality products that are sure to delight. After a brain haemorrhage left me disabled and unable to work, I turned to painting and drawing,  homemade fragranced candles, melts,  soaps and fresheners as a way for me to stay active and engaged. 

I use Soy  wax, its a purer  compound, thus healthier, burns slower, and does not produce harmful  chemicals   that other waxes are known to do.  100% vegan and cruelty free. with zero toxins.  
Soy wax is derived From vegetables.  its a natural, renewable and biodegradable resource that produces a  longer and cleaner burning candle and melt. The colours used are  safe ,  non toxic and are food grade and MSDS approved. ​   Fragrance oils used are vegan and Paraben free.

my soaps  are SLS free and cleanse without stripping or upsetting the delicate natural PH balance necessary for soft, healthy skin.  It  is all vegetable oil and contains no alcohol or harmful products. Its a  highly moisturising formula.  No animal testing.  The fragrances are made from cruelty-free, non-toxic and no harsh chemical ingredients. The soap dye is free from toxins and harsh chemicals and  Baby Friendly. If you prefer an emollient simply choose 'no fragrance' and 'no colour'  in the options menus. 


​I'm thrilled to share my creations with you and thank you for visiting my site .  I hope you will find something you will love!

Rebecca x​


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